Help dads be better dads

The role of fathers in society is changing. But more needs to be done to help them share more equally in caring for their children and household responsibilities. Please sign the Better Daddies Charter for more action to help dads be better dads.

The Better Daddies Charter

1. Better parental leave for fathers and more support for fathers to take it up.

2. More support for fathers to work-part time and flexibly.

3. Better childcare provision.

4. A review of legislation, such as the Equality Act 2010, to consider whether changes are needed to better protect fathers from discrimination. Paternity isn’t currently a “protected characteristic” under the Equality Act.

5. Parenting and relationship support for parents to help them be the best parents and partners possible.

6. More specialised support for single fathers to help them with the particular challenges they face.

7. Better mental health support for fathers. Suicide is a major killer of men, including middle-aged men.

8. Making sure public services, such as maternity wards, are designed with fathers in mind.

9. More specialised support for LGBTQ+, BME and disabled fathers to help them with the particular challenges they face.

10. Cultural change so that things like parental leave and flexible working become seen as normal for men to do.