My 12 favourite books for toddlers

I love reading with my daughter, who has just turned two, so I thought I would share some of my favourite books to read with her, which are also very popular with her.

I started planning to write a list of five books but I couldn’t keep the list that short, so it’s a list of 12 books! The books, given that my daughter is only 2, are necessarily aimed at younger toddlers.

These books have given my daughter and me hours of fun and laughter, and I hope you might enjoy them too.

Giraffes can’t dance

Spoiler alert! This books tells the story of Gerald, a giraffe who couldn’t dance until he found the right music. The lovely motto of the book is “We all can dance, when we find music that we love”.

Shark in the park

Shark In The Park : Sharratt, Nick, Sharratt, Nick: Books

I love this book! It follows a little boy, Timothy, as he tests out his new telescope in the park. The book is increadibly original and funny. It is also great fund to act out looking around the park with your toddler. The highlight of the book is the cameo for Timothy dad’s quiff!

Listen to the Dance Music

Listen to the Dance Music - Nosy Crow

My daughter and I had a huge amount of fun with this book, which is great for younger toddlers in particular. This soundbook has music for the waltz, tango, charleston, salsa rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop! All you need to do is sharpen up your dance moves so you can show them off to your toddler!

Nelly Gnu and Daddy too

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too : Dewdney, Anna: Books

This is a lovely story about Nelly and her Daddy doing all things together, from making a cardboard house to visiting the store.


Hug (Bobo and Friends) : Alborough, Jez, Alborough, Jez: Books

Hug tells the story Bobo the chimp. All the animals in the jungle have someone to hug but Bobo is looking for someone to hug him. This is a great book to help teach children about empathy for others.

It’s mine!

It's Mine! : Campbell, Rod: Books

This books gives children the chance to look out for animals’ tongues, necks and paws in the jungle. This can be a bit challenging for younger children but they should love the pop out lion that awaits them towards the end of the book!

Where’s Mr Duck?

Where's Mr Duck? (Felt Flaps) (Felt Flaps, 10) : Ingela P Arrhenius, Ingela  P Arrhenius, Ingela P Arrhenius: Books

This is a great book to start-off reading with your child. Younger toddlers love lifting the felt flaps to see what is behind them, eventually finding Mr Duck!

The wheels on the bus

Wheels On The Bus (BTMS edition) Teddy Sound book By David Ellwand | Used |  9781905765812 | World of Books

Toddlers love busses for reasons I don’t understand, meaning this sound book can provide hours of fun listening to the wheels on the bus go round and round. Unfortunately, it seems to be out of print, meaning that you will need to try to get a second hand copy that still has batteries that work. The search will be worth it.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?: A lift-the-flap board book :  Martin Jr, Mr Bill, Carle, Eric, Carle, Eric: Books

This is a great book for teaching toddlers colours and animals. Howeve, you should be warned that the plot, which is limited to what the Brown Bear sees, is not the most intricate, even by the standards of books for toddlers!

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo: Lift the Flaps: Rod Campbell: 9780230747722: Books

This is a classic children’s book from Rod Campbell and for good reason. Children love discovering the animals hidden behind the flaps in the books, and the book is also great for learning about shapes and colours.

That’s not my puppy…

That's not my puppy...: 1: Fiona Watt, Rachel Wells, Rachel  Wells: 9781474959063: Books

This is great book for teaching toddlers about different textures, from fluffy tails to shaggy ears!

I thought I saw a lion!

I Thought I Saw a Lion! : Templar Books: Books

Children have a special fascination for lions, so this book which challenges them to spot a lion in all kinds of unusual surroundings, such as beauty parlour and a library, is perfect! The book has moving parts so that children can move the lion in and out of view.

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